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Kangaroo Deluxe

Is the Weeride Kangaroo seat safe?

Absolutely!! It is EU certified safe (EN14344:2004). Weeride passed safety testing and certifications by TUV, a German company well-known for very high standards in safety testing.

How easy is it to assembly?

Easy 15 minute assembly. It is very simple, especially if you look at our online videos:

Will the Kangaroo Deluxe seat fit my bike?

Our bike seat will fit most bicycles – mountain, hybrid, full suspension, full size folding, cruiser, men’s or ladies. It will fit your bike as long as they have between 49 and 60 cm from seat post to headset.

Although it will also technically fit most drop handle bar bikes, we do not recommend fitting to these bikes because of the riding position ( rider is too hunched over) .

If you are still unsure, email us a picture of your bicycle – we can usually tell by looking at the photo.

Can I mount the Kangaroo Deluxe to my folding bicycle? 

The Kangaroo Deluxe will likely work with a full size folding bicycle frame depending on where the hinge joint is. But it will not work well with the smaller, compact 20″ or smaller wheel folding bikes. The frames on those are usually very low and the bike seat will likely be in the way of the pedals. If you are still unsure, email us a picture of your bicycle – we can usually tell by looking at the photo.

What are the age and weight limits for passengers of the Kangaroo Deluxe seat?

The recommended limits are 4 years old and 40 lbs.

What is the minimum age for passengers of the Kangaroo Deluxe?

We recommend the child to be able to support his or her own head with the added weight of a helmet, usually 1 year old. Please consult your pediatrician beforehand.

What is the maximum height for passengers of the Kangaroo Deluxe?

This is also dependent upon the height of the adult piloting the bicycle. Obviously the rider needs to see over and reach around the child. A good way to judge the height of the child is to sit him on a bench and have the adult sit directly behind – if the adult can see over and reach around the child, it should be fine on the bike.

How to Mount the Bike?

Mounting the bike is simple. You can swing your leg over the rear of the bike as you would do normally. You can then lean over to pick your child up and to place them into the seat. If the child is too small to stand up on their own, securely lean your bike against a wall, and put your child in the seat before mounting. Or better still, have someone else hold your bike.

Will I have to alter the way I bike when using the Kangaroo Deluxe seat?

Yes, but the alteration is minimal. You will have to pedal with your knees slightly more apart than usual to avoid your legs hitting the child bike seat in front of you. For the short recreational trips you are taking with your child, this will be a very minor inconvenience in comparison to the enhanced safety and quality time spent with them. If you are going for a very long training ride you wouldn’t want to subject your child to that, so the seat is easily removed for those rides.

What if I want to quickly switch the Kangaroo Deluxe seat between two different bicycles?

No problem – the mounting bar is available separately. You can mount another bar to the 2nd bike and transfer the bike seat from one bike to another quickly and easily.

Co-Pilot and Pro-Pilot

Is the Co-Pilot / Pro-Pilot easy to use?

It is very easy to use. Riding is a simple task as the weight is off the back of your bike, and our patented pivot ensures the tag along follows the exact same line as your adult bike.

It uses a quick release bolt so it takes seconds to attach or remove from the adult bike. It also folds in half so it can be easily stored in your car truck.

How easy is it to assemble?

Very easy. It is 95% complete in the box.

The rest is less than 5 minutes work and requires no special skill.


  1. First attach the bracket to your seat post .This is done by simply tightening 4 bolts with an Allen key.
  2. Then you drop the seat into the seat tube and close the seat bolt. You can drop the handlebars into the frame and adjust the tightening bolt. The pedals can then be added and they are clearly marked left and right. They are hand tightened.
  3. Finally you attach the safety flag by placing it in the flag hole on the wheel and tightening the bracket with a screwdriver.

Please watch our video:

What Bikes will it fit to?

It will fit most adult bikes including 700c wheels. You just need 5cm clearance to attach to under your seat post.

What if I want to switch the Co-Pilot/ Pro-Pilot between two different bicycles quickly?

No worries – the hitch is available separately. You can mount a hitch to each bicycle and then switch between them by just using the quick release.

Can an adult person ride on the Co-Pilot / Pro-Pilot? She weighs less than 100lbs.

Can an adult person ride on the Co-Pilot / Pro-Pilot? She weighs less than 100 lbs.

Can I attached one Co-Pilot/Pro-Pilot behind another Co-Pilot/Pro-Pilot so I can ride with two children at once?

No, please don’t. This is very ungainly and also unsafe. It will be very hard to start out as well as stop, and turns will be especially challenging. One Co-Pilot / Pro-Pilot at a time, please!

However , you can comfortably transport 2 children with your younger child in front of you in a WeeRide Kangaroo carrier and the older child on the Co-Pilot or Pro-Pilot. Check out our video

What is the difference between the Co-Pilot and the Pro-Pilot?

The Co-Pilot frame is made of steel, while the Pro-Pilot is made of lighter weight aluminum.